Thoughtful Valentine Gifts


Make any gift more meaningful with a personalized puzzle.

It's much more meaningful to get a gift that someone put time and energy into just for you. It's easy! Just answer a few questions, pick the perfect picture and you're done! For the cost of a greeting card and a couple of minutes of your time you can turn your gift into something extra special.
Make one now: for her, for him, for children, for grandparents, or for a friend

    More ideas:

  • Back massage
  • Watch the kids for a few hours so they can do something alone
  • A couple of envelopes with a secret date destination (and the money for it) inside
  • Breakfast in bed
  • A romantic "midnight snack" with cheese, crackers, and wine
  • Fold all of their socks and underwear and put them in the drawer
  • Have the kids spend sometime at a friend's house so you can plan a romantic evening alone
  • Do the dishes
  • Do a load of laundry

Memory Book

Think of some of your favorite memories about your loved one. Either find photographs of these memories or draw some pictures (these can be funny- you don’t have to be an artist). Then write up your memory and why you cherish it. Compile the write ups with the pictures and make a little book. Give this Memory Book to your loved one, they are sure to love it.

Story Book

Write a cute and funny story about your loved one. Draw pictures to go with the story. Some fun twists are to create an animal character that has lots of your loved one's characteristics. Be careful of the animal you choose. For example, I would not suggest using a pig.

Photo Collage

Gather together several photos from the past year, of a favorite event, or over the years. Get copies of all the photos and then make a collage with them. Frame the collage or mount the collage.

Coupon Books

Create a booklet of coupons and give these to your loved one on Valentines Day. This is a great way to make the fun last longer than just Valentine’s Day!


If you love writing and/or good at writing poems- why not write a special poem just for that special someone?! It will be unique and show how much you love that special someone just by thought you will have put into the poem.

Name Description

Write out your loved one’s name vertically down the left-hand side of paper. Write something you love about your loved one starting with the letters down the side of the paper. For example:
T errific fun to be around
O nly one for me
M ix of thrill & comfort, surprise & stability, love & even more love!


If you are an artist, this is the perfect gift to be made by you. Paint, Draw, Carve, Sculpt, etc. a picture of your loved one or of something they love. Some people really don’t like pictures of themselves, so opting to do an art piece of something they love is sometimes a better option. You know them best, do what you know they’ll absolutely love!

101 Things I Love About You

Think of 101 things you love about your special guy/girl. Get a poster size piece of paper and copy the 101 things onto the paper. Between each item draw a heart. Title the poster “101 Things I Love About You.” Laminate the poster and give the finished product as your gift!

I Kiss the Ground You Walk On

Arrange for your loved one to be gone while you do this. Buy a couple of bags of chocolate kisses. Spread them from the front door to wherever you wish to end in the house (ie bedroom, their favorite chair). Make a sign saying "I Kiss the Ground You Walk On" and leave it at the end of the trail of kisses on the ground.

Sunset/Sunrise Picnic

Depending on whether your loved one is a morning or night person, choose to do a sunset or sunrise picnic. Go to a spot that is special to your two or just a peaceful spot that isn’t overly crowded. Prepare a delicious picnic and bring a surprise gift to add some of the unexpected. Since it is February and not many place are that warm in February, maybe do the picnic at home in front of the fireplace. You could even roast marshmallows over the fire or pop some popcorn. Just spread the blanket out on the floor and enjoy your picnic!